Products and services

Products and services

Steirische harmonikas are available for order in variants

  • 2-row - 2-reed, 3-reed, 4-reed
  • 2½-row - 2-reed, 3-reed, 4-reed
  • 3-row - 2-reed, 3-reed
  • 3½-row - 2-reed, 3-reed
  • 4-row - 2-reed, 3-reed


NEW - Professional wireless sound system installation into Steirische harmonika


Tuning is based on customer's request

2-row 3-row 4-row
c-f g-c-f g-c-f-b
g-c gis-cis-fis gis-cis-fis-h
a-d a-d-g a-d-g-c
b-es b-es-as b-es-as-des
d-g h-e-a h-e-a-d
  c-f-b c-f-b-es
  cis-fis-h fis-h-e-a
  f-b-es f-b-es-as
... other variants are also possible


Technical details (reeds)

Instruments are equipped with reeds produced by Czech company Harmonikas.
Logo Harmonikas s.r.o.

  • standard class TIPO A MANO
  • high-end class AMANO
  • low-end class EXPORT DURAL
  • ...zinc and brass reeds are also possible


Color variants

  • It's also possible to choose a color variant of surface look:
maple mahagony walnut ...and other possible colors
javor mahagon ořech  
  • color variants of bellows
  • fitting:
chrome glossy brass
chrom lesklá mosaz
  • various types of intarsia
  • adjustable bass strap, cushioned straps in various colors, case or cushioned backpack for steirische harmonika and many other details, which are agreed with customer when ordering an instrument.



Delivery deadline is based as per agreement with customer.

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